My Supersize Summer – 2. Well This Is Awkward…

Well that was a very short-lived summer…

Now it is peeing it down with rain and windy as hell and it reminds me of bloody January. Maybe we should name this weather “Storm Theresa”.

Urgh. I knew this would happen. After all the emotions and effort I had to suffer through the other day while I was shopping for summer clothes, I have returned to my jeans’n’hoodie combo once again.

Actually that’s a lie. As I wrote that earlier (before getting distracted by food and TV) I was still in my pyjamas at 5pm. Hey, if I must feel inadequate due to my lack of job I can at least enjoy pyjama days while they last! What’s the point in making more laundry when I am just sitting around the house on my own, doing absolutely nothing, hm? Hm?!

I’m still waiting to get a start date for this job that I interviewed for in March. Sigh. I am so bored of being stuck inside all the time. I mean yes, one doesn’t necessarily need a job to leave the house. I could walk to the Co-op or go for a coffee if I wanted to, but it’s gross out and I do not want to be hassled by the wind and rain.

Although I’ve actually been surprisingly busy over the last couple of weeks. I went to Derby to see my friend, stayed there for a few days and then on the day I came home, Brad came to stay for a few days. Then on the day he went home I went out drinking with a friend and the day after that I went for a walk in the sun and managed to get a whopping 2 whole days of wear out of my new summer clothes before Storm Theresa landed.

By Sunday evening, I was quite relieved when I realised I didn’t have many plans for the next few days, because after all that I felt like a lie-in. But now I am bored and want to comfort eat. Being stuck inside makes me want to eat. Going out with friends makes me want to eat. Basically, I just want to eat all the time. When will this cycle of fattiness end?!

So I ate. And I ate too much, and my stomach feels noticeably stretched out. Ouch. Now I am in bed, wrapped up in my house coat (YES IT’S CALLED A HOUSE COAT AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE) (Please don’t fight me, I am small and frightened). Where was I? Oh yes, I am wrapped up in my house coat with my hot water bottle next to me and a pile of blankets. Welcome to June, people! Although in a way it’s kind of a relief because there’s actually nowhere else in my room to put my blankets. For the past two weeks they’ve been weighing down the back of my wheelie office chair which toppled over earlier today.

That was a really irrelevant detail. Hmmm.

I wish this goddamn weather would go away. You cannot win with me. Why can’t it just be suitably warm and sunny without frying me? Why is it only ever a choice between roasting in the sun or being blown away in the wind? Blergh.

Well, this has been a fascinating chat about the weather, but I feel like I am just going round in circles now so I will bid you farewell and retreat to my blanket nest and watch the television.

Have a crisp day!

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